Arnulfpark, Munich






Project description:

Following decommissioning by the Deutsche Bahn AG beginning in 1996, the approx. 18 hectare site situated between the Hacker and Donnersberger bridges, a former central container station on the Arnulfstrasse – now the “Arnulfpark” – was subjected, along with a number of other sites along the railway line Hauptbahnhof-Laim-Pasing, to a complete replanning and proposed alteration of use. On the basis of the results of an urban development competition conducted in 1998/1999 the land utilization plan as well as the building plan were redrawn and subsequently adopted. This required the coordination of a series of diverse planning, economic, political and civil rights issues in order for the results to be acceptable to the majority of the parties and to prove workable for the owner.

Following a planning process lasting almost seven years, the building plan No. 1873 was approved by the municipal council of the state capital Munich in 2003. The plan sets out the construction of approx. 247.000 m² gross floor space, with 172.000 m² for retaial and business purposes, 68.000 m² for residential, 5.000 m² for cultural and 2.000 m² for social infrastructure purposes. All these elements are situated around the 40.000 m² „Arnulfpark“ which has been designed to form the focal point of the site.







 Work conducted:

  • Overall project management
  • Selection / controlling of the project team
  • Obtaining development rights / land utilization plan, building plan
  • Reclassification for private use according to the “allgemeinem Eisenbahngesetz” (AEG) General Railway Law
  • Deleasing / demolition of the existing structures
  • Provision of infrastructure
  • Budgeting / controlling
  • Conclusion of urban development contracts
  • Public relations and marketing