Burgfrauenstrasse 70 / Hohefeldstrasse 68, Berlin-Frohnau



Project Description:

509491-312285-thumbnail.jpg509491-312284-thumbnail.jpg A 1,400 m² site in the highly desirable villa district of Berlin, previously occupied by a family house, was rebuilt with two exclusive town villas each with five accommodation units with a total living space of 800 m² together with overground parking spaces. The scheme, in the form of part ownership on the basis of the additional capital allowance according to § 4, paragraph 1 of the “Fördergebietsgesetzes” (Development Area Law), was sold predominately to capital investors and leased following completion.


509491-312286-thumbnail.jpgWork conducted:

  • Project management
  • Purchase of the projected scheme
  • Optimization of the planning details
  • Obtaining building permission
  • Controlling the building work
  • Marketing strategy / compiling the prospectus
  • Sale / leasing