Max-Sabersky-Alle 22, Berlin-Teltow


Project description:

509491-312297-thumbnail.jpg509491-312298-thumbnail.jpgA 10,000 m² partial area of the 14,700 m² park site of the Jewish merchant family Sabersky, with its classicist villa from the turn of the century, was accorded planning permission and newly developed with six top standard town villas each with ten accommodation units and a total living space of 5,100 m² together with an underground car park. The existing villa was completely refurbished in accordance with the comprehensive preservation orders and the park was largely restored to its original condition. The scheme, in the form of part ownership on the basis of the additional capital allowance according to § 4, paragraph 1 of the “Fördergebietsgesetzes” (Development Area Law), was largely sold to a capital investor and leased following completion. The villa was sold to a well situated private client for personal use.



Work conducted:

  • Project management
  • Purchase of the site
  • Establishment of all planning details
  • Obtaining development rights in respect of the prospective building plan
  • Conclusion of urban development contract
  • Controlling the building work
  • Marketing strategy / compiling the prospectus
  • Sale / leasing