Milk loading depot, Munich


Project description:

509491-312300-thumbnail.jpg The approx 2 hectare site south west of the Hacker bridge, the former central milk loading depot, was subjected to a complete replanning and alteration of use following its decommissioning by the Deutsche Bahn AG beginning in 1996, parallel with the container station.

Following a planning period of almost seven years building plan No. 1874 was approved by the municipal council of the state capital Munich in 2003. The plan set out the construction of a total of approx. 22,000 m² gross floor space, with 9,100 m² for retail and business purposes and 9,100 m² for residential purposes. The site also included a 4,000 m² public green area. Following the approval of the building plan the site was sold globally. Following redevelopment proceedings the construction of a further building unit of the European patent office was begun in the middle of 2005.

Work conducted:

  • Overall project management
  • Selection / controlling of the project team
  • Obtaining development rights / land utilization plan, building plan
  • Reclassification for private use according to the “allgemeinem Eisenbahngesetz” (AEG) General Railway Law
  • Deleasing / demolition of the existing structures
  • Budgeting / controlling
  • Conclusion of urban development contract
  • Public relations and marketing
  • Global sale