Understanding ones trade is one thing, however tackling the tasks at hand with the required commitment and precision is something else. When dealing with high value assets as in the case of real estate, it is precisely this distinction and the personal identification with the project which can be decisive in ensuring that the investment proves profitable and brings satisfaction to the owner. Laozi was correct in stating “Do it thoroughly and wholeheartedly”. The following services are offered precisely in this spirit.


Areas of expertise 

Project development

  • Property analysis
  • Market and demand analysis
  • Utilization concepts
  • Profitability analysis
  • Obtaining development rights

Project management

  • Creating organizational and project structures
  • Project strategy
  • Selection of partners
  • Team controlling
  • Cost management
  • Schedule management
  • Quality management


  • Property location and inspection
  • Sales management
  • Acquisition and sale
  • Leasing
  • Marketing concept
  • Financing


  • Investor accompaniment
  • Strategy consulting